About the Company

Michnaf Mapping Technologies & Aerial Services Ltd. specializes in aerial photography by drones and provides GIS mapping services, precision agriculture and 3D simulations of terrain and buildings. Our company operates unmanned aerial vehicles and is licensed to operate by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our products and services are tailored to the needs of our customers and provide the complete solution from the work planning stage, through its execution and to data analysis.


Michnaf is a “One Stop Shop” and the customer receives a full package from the beginning and until the final product is given. The company was founded by Dudi Hadar and Amit Rais.


Dudi comes from the unmanned aerial vehicles field and has more than 20 years of experience in construction, flying and training in the fields of radios and drones. Dudi has extensive experience in operating unmanned aerial vehicles for mapping and scanning purposes, as well as photography purposes. Dudi is an MBA graduate from Tel Aviv University.


Amit has 12 years of professional experience in the GIS and digital mapping field. Amit also has extensive experience in the management and execution of technological projects and geographic mapping surveys for organizations and companies. Amit has an MA in Geography from Tel Aviv University

License and Insurance

Michnaf has an air operation license from the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority and operates according to the requirements of the aviation law and regulations, while maintaining the highest standards in both the professional and the technical aspects. All the pilots in the company have a flying permit and have received theoretical and practical training as well as passed certification exams. The company maintains a routine of professional instruction and training for pilots, as well as routine maintenance of the aircraft in the manufacturer’s authorized laboratories. Michnaf also insures its operations and the company’s aircrafts are insured by third party insurance up to an amount of $1,250,000.

Questions and Answers

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is the body that supervises all civil aviation operations in the Israeli skies. We, as an authorized air operator, are required to meet strict safety, professional and technical requirements as well as insurance requirements.

Working with a CAA authorized air operator is a requirement of the law and prevents you as a commissioner of the work from being exposed to civil and criminal claims if, God forbid, damage to the body or property is incurred during the execution of the work.

Unmanned aerial vehicles provide a higher quality solution at a cheaper price.

The altitude at which we fly allows us to reach resolution resolutions of 1-5 cm per pixel (!), a resolution that cannot be obtained from the flight altitude of an aircraft. The preferred pricing is derived from the fact that the operation of manned aircrafts is a significantly more expensive operation compared with the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles.


The process begins by characterizing the work which takes place by phone or by email. After the characterization, a price quote will be prepared, which will be submitted to the customer in writing. After the customer approves the quote, we begin the planning and execution of the project. At the end of the process, the customer will receive the final products for his use, in accordance with the timetables that we have committed to.

Pricing is differential and varies from project to project. The main variables that will affect the price are: the in-field working time and the raw material processing time (if required). In addition, we refer to specific data derived from the characteristics of the work, such as: terrain, flight altitude, operation of designated equipment and exceptional flight permits. In any case, we explain the price components in the price quote, and maintain a fair and competitive price level.

We are aware that some of the works are urgent and we are prepared to provide an immediate response. If necessary, you may commission work within a few hours ahead.

We, at Michnaf, provide full service which includes both processing and analysis of the raw material. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of editing, image processing, map analysis and the creation of GIS layers. The product given to the customer is final and ready for use. We are also prepared to help implement the products in the dynamic views of the client’s website.

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Our address is: 12 Haamal st, Rosh Haain, Israel

Tel: +972-77-545-6585 Mobile: Dudi – +972-50-529-7757, Amit – +972-53-731-6886