Aerial view

A view from the bird’s eye view gives the viewer a different perspective and illustrates the object. Useful for marketing, underwriting, security and more.

Aerial view

Aerial photography can be done by video or stills. Through aerial photography, the viewer is exposed to angles that will not be accessible to him in everyday life. Air photography is used in industries such as advertising, real estate marketing, insurance, legal services and research services. Here at Michnaf we also provide, in addition to aerial photography services, editing and image processing services, so that the product given to the customer is complete and final.

Video photography of structures and sites

Video photography of objects is used for marketing, publishing and documenting sites. In photography, it is very important to accurately select the angle of photography, the time of photography and the flight technique. We at Michnaf, accompany the customer from the planning stage so that the final product will suit the customer’s needs.

Diagonal stills photography

Diagonal photography of structures gives a perspective of the structure or surface on the macro level. Diagonal photography can be used for engineering purposes or for advertising and marketing purposes. The main characteristic of this method of photography is a general view of the object or objects photographed, while creating a sense of clean and sterile environment.

Documentation of construction and infrastructure works

Aerial photography makes it possible to document sites on an ongoing basis as well as at critical time points. The aerial photograph can show a wider picture and can focus on important points within it. Aerial photography allows you to document the progress of the project and can be used both for planning and control purposes as well as for marketing and advertising purposes in more advanced stages.

Panoramic photography

The 360 Panorama ​​is an excellent tool for illustrating space and landscape. The panorama serves as a tool for real estate marketing, advertising of attractions as well as documentation of terrain and landscape for any purpose. A panoramic image can be processed in many ways and can be made suitable for VR projection on the computer, mobile, or dedicated equipment.

Panoramic photography can be edited in a variety of ways and can be presented as: “fish eye”, “tiny star” and more…