Save time and money managing your telecommunication sites. The most effective and safe way to inspect telecommunication sites is by UAV.

We specialize in providing UAV services in order to inspect communications sites.

Whether you are a Telecom operator, maintenance firm or a tower management company, providing detailed maintenance reports using UAV is the most efficient and secure way to monitor your communication sites.

Our professionals have years of experience in aerial data acquisition and computerized image processing, including the usage of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, resulting in a comprehensive maintenance report which includes all the necesasary elements needed to keep your sites up to par.

We provide:

  • Data acquisition using drones both for 2D images and 3D models
  • High resolution zoomed images for highly detailed visual inspection
  • Identification of various points of interest: erosion, corrosion, cracks, nuts and bolts, oil spills, torn cables, vegetation management, and much more
  • Possibility to export to a variety of formats: Point-Cloud, AutoCAD, SketchUp and more
  • Online reporting platform to assist data entry and field technicians
  • Exact photo inspection can be accurately repeated annually to deliver year over year overlays
  • Inclusion of AI/ML tools to assist in analyzing raw materials